• effects

    Sets the duration of individual effects, or disables them when set to false.

    effects: false

    These are all available effects:

    effects: {
      spinner: { show: 200, hide: 200 },
      transition: { min: 175, max: 250 },
      ui: { show: 0, hide: 200 },
      window: { show: 300, hide: 300 }
    Note: Effects are always disabled on Internet Explorer < 9 for performance reasons.
  • hideOnClickOutside

    Hide Strip when clicking outside of it or an element that could open it, enabled by default.

    hideOnClickOutside: false
  • keyboard

    Enable or disable individual keyboard buttons or all of them when set to false.

    keyboard: false

    Or use an object to toggle individual buttons:

    keyboard: {
      left: true,
      right: true,
      esc: false
    Note: youtube and vimeo will always have left and right disabled, because a video could require these keys.
  • loop

    When set to true a group becomes a loop, making it possible to move between the first and last item:

    loop: true
  • maxHeight

    Sets a maximum height for the content.

    maxHeight: 500
  • maxWidth

    Sets a maximum width for the content.

    maxWidth: 500
  • overlap

    Allows buttons to overlap the content when set to true, which is the default. Disabling overlap will cause buttons to be positioned outside of the content.

    overlap: false
    Note: Vimeo and Youtube always have overlap: false because overlapping buttons could otherwise prevent interaction with the video.
  • position

    Show or hide the position indicator.

    position: false
  • preload

    Sets the items to preload before and after the current item, or disables preloading when set to false.

    preload: [1,2] // preload 1 before and 2 after
    preload: false // disables preloading
  • side

    Set the side to position Strip on to top, bottom, left or right.

    side: 'top'
  • skin

    Sets the skin. If you've provided default options for this skin they'll be applied as a starting point for other options. The default skin is strip.

    skin: 'custom'
    Note: See the skins section for details on creating custom skins.
  • spinner

    Disables the loading icon when set to false.

    spinner: false
  • toggle

    Clicking elements will toggle Strip, this behavior can be disabed by setting toggle to false. Doing so will keep Strip open even if an element is clicked twice.

    toggle: false
    Note: Strip.show() calls don't use toggle behavior, this only works for elements with class='strip'
  • vimeo

    Sets the player parameters of a Vimeo video, available options can be found in the Vimeo documentation: Vimeo Player Embedding.

    vimeo: {
      autoplay: 1,
      title: 1,
      byline: 1,
      portrait: 0,
      loop: 0
  • youtube

    Sets the player parameters of a Youtube video, available options can be found in the Youtube documentation: YouTube Embedded Players and Player Parameters.

    youtube: {
      autohide: 1,
      autoplay: 1,
      controls: 1,
      enablejsapi: 1,
      hd: 1,
      iv_load_policy: 3,
      loop: 0,
      modestbranding: 1,
      rel: 0